Energy & Minerals

Greece is currently emerging as a key player in the transportation of energy from East to West through pipeline projects, electricity grid interconnectivity and alternative means of ensuring security of supply through offshore reserves. Investments in Energy could be very profitable due to Greece’s location.

Greece hides great investment treasures and investments in Energy could be of great ROI as Greece is located at the crossroads between East and West. The ample availability of renewable energy potential (wind, hydro, biomass, geothermal, solar & solar thermal) combined with ongoing large-scale infrastructure projects involving Greece (TAP-IGB-EastMed Gas Pipelines, oil exploration) show that Greece will be a key player in the formulation of the EU energy mix and will provide significant investment opportunities in all energy industries.

Due to its climate conditions (Greece enjoys more than 250 days of sunshine—or 3,000 hours of sun—a year, and has a strong wind capacity), the country possesses significant untapped generation potential –particularly in renewables. The wind resources in Greece are among the most attractive for energy production in Europe, with a profile of more than 8 meters/second and/or 2,500 wind hours in many parts of the country.

Also, Greece possesses substantial mineral wealth, consisting of a variety of minerals and ores with a strong industrial market interest. The Greek mining/metallurgical industry is an important sector of economic activity in the country. It accounts for approximately 4% of GDP, with the inclusion of interrelated enterprises such as quarrying, processing, and production of intermediate and final products. It supplies essential raw materials to industries such as cement, energy production, non-ferrous metals (aluminum, nickel). The estimated sales of the country’s mineral industry and basic metallurgies reach almost 2.1 billion Euros.

The Greek mining industry has strong, outward-looking characteristics; the exports account for more than 70% of sales, and for certain minerals, Greece holds a leading position in the global market. Greek mining companies are well managed and hold significant market shares worldwide in products such as bauxite, alumina, aluminum, nickel, caustic calcined magnesia, dead burned magnesia, raw magnesite, pumice, silica and ornamental stones (principally marble).

Greek Government has spearheaded several major investment projects over the past years. In combination with Greece’s upgraded energy investment regulatory framework, providing exceptional opportunities for investment in energy and minerals sectors.

Key Opportunities

  • Privatization of state assets, like the state-owned company LARCO, the 5th biggest ferronickel producer in the world.

  • Energy efficient businesses and investments.

  • International public tenders for hydrocarbon exploration in different areas of Greece.

  • Privately owned companies looking for equity.

  • The opportunity for major global manufacturers to use Greece as an assembly, logistics and quality assurance center for their products manufactured in Asia and sold in Europe.

  • New infrastructure in natural gas transmission (liquefied natural gas terminals, natural gas pipelines, natural gas distribution systems).

  • International public tenders for the exploitation of public mining sites.

  • Main grid interconnectivity with the islands, upgrading and development of cross-border electricity grid interconnections (Maritsa East, EuroAsia InterConnector).

  • Renewable energy projects (wind, solar-thermal, biomass, small hydro, geothermal etc.).

Why to Invest in Energy & Minerals?

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