Hellenic Trade Council (HETCO) is a partner for Greek companies in international expansion, encouraging companies to identify and prioritize growth challenges.

We help Greek companies find suitable experts and external consultants, by providing them with objective, market-specific information.

Greeks are one of the most competitive, productive and globalized nations in the world. Greece is a global leader in shipping, logistics and tourism, with a highly skilled workforce, sophisticated consumers, openness to international ownership, improved economic outlook and a low-risk economy.

Standing on the crossroad of three continents (Europe, Asia, Africa) Greece has an international business environment that is open and investor friendly. Skilled professionals, polished business procedures, and receptivity to international partnerships make it an easy country to operate in. 

As part of the European Union and the Eurozone, Greece provides easy access to the European single market (28 countries –  500 million consumers). A Southern European hub for Industrial, Supply Chain and Transport activity and a world leader in Maritime Industry. Greece is uniquely positioned as the scalable location of choice for trade in South-East Europe and MENA countries.

According to IMF experts, investment activity in Greece is expected to accelerate in coming years. Investments of fixed capital in Greece are growing by 12 to 14 percent on a yearly basis.

Greek labour costs remain competitive as Greece has one of the Europe’s most well-educated workforces and at the same time the most skilled and motivated. Empowerment of personnel and delegation of decision-making ensures a bottom-up, problem-solving approach that shows impressive results with regards to quality and productivity.

Hellenic Trade Council (HETCO) assists international companies in finding business opportunities in Greece.

HETCO offers comprehensive, one-stop investment consultancy services, which are always tailored to meet potential and existing investors’ precise needs:

  • Information services and investment preparation

  • Facilitating contacts, negotiation with authorities

  • Organising recruitment and identifying suitable properties

  • Investment proposals and visits

  • Consulting and project management

  • Post-investment / aftercare services