Hellenic Trade Council (HETCO) is a partner for Greek companies in international expansion, encouraging companies to identify and prioritize growth challenges.

We help Greek companies find suitable experts and external consultants, by providing them with objective, market-specific information.

Access USA

Businesses investing in the USA, regardless of industry, gain competitive advantages from one of the most open markets on the planet. The USA offers the largest consumer market on earth with a GDP of $20 trillion and 325 million people. Household spending is the highest in the world, accounting for nearly a third of global household consumption. 

​Hellenic Trade Council (HETCO) offers Greek companies a tailor-made market-entry plan for the USA or seeking to improve their competitiveness in the US market. Advisers in Greece and abroad coach HETCO’s customers in every phase of their internationalization.

The Access USA market entry plan is done by experienced business professionals and experts who are acting as consultants in export process. HETCO coaches management when a company is planning to enter US market offering:

  • Strategy and concrete plan for international growth
  • Market selection and validation
  • Market entry strategy and plan
  • Localization of product range
  • Local contracting and negotiation culture


Ranked 1st in the world for innovative capacity and 1st in the world for entrepreneurship, Israel’s creative, skilled, and ambitious workforce is one of the most obvious reasons leading executives turn to Israel to do business. 

Israel has seen consecutive years of significant GDP growth above that of the OECD and the USA, and its 5% unemployment rate is among the world’s lowest. Despite the regional geopolitical challenges, the Israeli economy has been identified as one of the healthiest and most secure in the world.

Hellenic Trade Council (HETCO) provides Greek companies with advice on entering the Israeli market and networking with suitable partners. HETCO’s experts can work on the following areas:

  • Market and industry insights
  • Business opportunity identification based on your sector priorities
  • Partner search and matchmaking support
  • Access to business networks

Access CHINA

China is today the world’s largest economy. The market has great potential for manufacturing companies and recently China has been transforming into, perhaps, the most important consumer market in the world.

After several years of strong economic growth, China is at the moment experiencing a major economic reform, changing course from relying on exports and manufacturing to an economic model where domestic consumption and the service sector lay at heart. 

In China’s current transition a certain emphasis is put on area’s where Greece is particularly distinguished including the maritime industry, health care and life science, innovation as well as tourism and agri-food. 

What is most striking today is the rapid growth of the Chinese middle class which now has become the largest in the world. Meanwhile, e-commerce is expanding rapidly and has known a great success, increasing the availability to more cities around China.

Hellenic Trade Council (HETCO) has been active, with the permanent National Pavilion of Greece in Shanghai, since 2018. We have extensive knowledge and experience in helping Greek companies to establish themselves and achieve their full international potential. 

HETCO offers a range of services aimed at companies in all stages of their establishment and development in China:

  • Local presence in Shanghai and 5 more future locations across China
  • Permanent exhibition space and office space 
  • Logistics support
  • Operations (HR recruitment, Finance management, Legal etc) and local support to speed up market entry
  • Establishment support providing information on how to set up and run a business in China, including rules and regulations, legal entities, employment matters, taxes and more.
  • Networking and sales management
  • Visibility within HETCO’s network